Finding the Right Words

The right words at the right time can make for memorable moments. From weddings and retirements to corporate functions, we write your speeches and coach you on how to deliver them.

  • Retirement Speeches
  • Corporate Speeches

Telling Your Story

Whether you’re applying to college, updating your résumé, or writing your bio, everyone has a story to tell. We consult, edit, and write about who you are and where you’ve been to help you get where you’re going.

  • College Essays
  • College/Grad School Applications
  • CV and Resume Consulting
  • Wikipedia and Linked In pages

Writing Stuff

Writing is a lot like cooking: You can always discern when it’s bland, bitter, and burnt, but that doesn’t mean you should try this at home. We offer timely, expert editing and proofing services so you’ll know what to take out, what to add, and when to let things simmer.

  • Book and Article Editing/Proofing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Technical Writing and Editing
  • Essay Proof Reading
  • Writing Evaluations