Best Man Speeches

Congratulations! You’re the best man, which means you’ll be making a speech. Fortunately, you’re also a smart man. You’ve heard enough bad speeches to know that you don’t want to wing it. The most effective ones are sentimental and funny without relying on inside jokes or sardonic critiques of marriage. This isn’t amateur night at your favorite comedy club. We’ll work with you to hit all the right notes: funny, clever, personal, engaging, and around five minutes. In other words, the best speech for the best man.


We offer a range of services befitting the best man and the occasion. Our services include, but are not limited to, preparing the following deliverables:

  • speeches
  • toasts
  • speech coaching
The Process

Every client can expect the following level of service:

Initial Consultation and Goals Assessment:

We meet in person or via a chat service (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime) for 30 minutes to discuss you, the bride and groom, your intended audience, and where you are in the process. We’ll also review any drafts that you’ve written thus far. By the end of this first meeting, we’ll have a clear plan of action to make sure your speech is authentic, original, and memorable.


Authenticity is essential to a memorable best man’s speech. To this end, we need to know you better. This informal interview takes approximately one hour and typically covers a wide range of topics, such as your connection to the bride and groom, common interests and hobbies, talents, anecdotes, and memorable moments. This is the cornerstone of the writing process.

First Draft

The first draft is typically an amalgam of your drafts and interview responses. We also consider syntax, grammar, and stylistic choices.

Revisions and Rewrites

Once a deliverable is completed, we ask that you review it for consistency and content accuracy.

Final Draft


We have worked with clients from various walks of life, faiths, traditions, and careers. They all gave awesome speeches.

What's Next

You’re the best man for a reason. You and the groom have been there for each other. He knows he can count on you. Let’s get started.

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