General Writing

Our approach to writing and editing recalls Michelangelo’s approach to sculpting. Every block of text conceals a thought. It is the task of the editor to discover it. We chisel away the excess in order to reveal the thought reflected in the words. It’s the difference between a slab of marble and a freestanding statue. Thomas Jefferson, a guy who knew a thing or two about writing, once said, “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” Agreed.

We offer a range of services befitting the occasion. Our services include, but are not limited to, proofing, editing, writing and revising in all styles and formats.

The Process

Every client can expect the following level of service:

Initial Consultation and Goals Assessment:

We meet in person or via a chat service (Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime) for 30 minutes to discuss your project and where you are in the process. We’ll also review any drafts that you’ve written thus far. By the end of this first meeting, we’ll have a clear plan of action to get your writing where it needs to go.

  • First Draft: The first draft is typically an amalgam of your drafts. We also consider syntax, grammar, and stylistic choices.
  • Revisions and Rewrites: Once a deliverable is completed, we ask that you review it for consistency and content accuracy.
  • Final Draft: This is the finished product.


We have worked with clients from various careers, backgrounds, and walks of life. Our client list includes physicians, teachers, accountants, and others.

What's Next

Let it be written. Let it be done. Let’s go.

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